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Transform your movement into power for your smartphone

Transform your movement into power for your smartphone with AMPY MOVE

Features & Benefits:

  • Charges all USB devices, including micro-USB and Apple Lightning
  • Form-fitting, sweatproof body
  • 1800 mAh Li-ion battery stores charge for months
  • Charge AMPY MOVE from the wall with the included micro-USB cable
  • Free AMPY+ smartphone app to help you stay charged and stay fit

How much energy can you generate?

Get the AMPY+ app to find out!

Track how much power you generate based on your phone usage and activity level. It's free, and you don't need an AMPY MOVE to use it. Find out more here.

AMPY MOVE Wearable Motion Charger

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Transform your movement into power for your devices. Includes USB/micro-USB cable.

AMPY MOVE Wearable Motion Charger and Accessory Kit

$ 89.00 $ 129.00

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Stay active with AMPY MOVE. Includes:
+ AMPY MOVE Motion-Charger
+ Protective GO-Clip with Silicone Sleeve
+ Adjustable Sportsband
+ USB/micro-USB cable

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+Power generation is estimated and measured from activity level of an active user, defined as 120 minutes of light activity (e.g. walking) and 60 minutes of moderate activity (e.g. running). *Calculated battery life for smartphones is based on normal and standby usage of an iPhone 5C. For the same activity level, battery life for smartphones under normal use can range from less than 1 hour to 5 hours. **Calculated battery life for smartwatches is based on normal usage of a Pebble Smartwatch. Actual power generation and battery life will vary depending on activity and device usage. iPhone and Lightning are a registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Pebble is a trademark of Pebble Technology Corp., registered in the U.S. and other countries.